Ariana Grande Exciting News

Ariana Grande Exciting News

Hello little stars! Today, we have some exciting news about our favorite singer, Ariana Grande. She just released a brand new song and a video called “Yes, And?” Let’s find out what it’s all about!

Ariana Grande : The New Song and Video

Ariana Grande’s song “Yes, And?” is like a musical story she wants to share with us. It’s not just about the music; there’s a video too, like a little movie. The video is directed by someone named Christian Breslauer.Ariana Grande Exciting News

Ariana Grande : Facing the Critics

In the video, Ariana faces some people called critics. These are like grown-ups who watch and talk about her performances. Before she starts singing and dancing, the critics are saying not-so-nice things about her, like talking about her ponytail.

Ariana Grande : Dancing in a Loft

The performance happens in a cool space called a loft. It’s like a big room where Ariana and her dancers show off their amazing moves. They even have statues of themselves, like real-life superheroes!

Catchy Lyrics

Ariana Grande song has words we can sing along to. She talks about not caring what others think and being true to herself. She says she won’t hide and that everyone should put on their lipstick and feel confident. It’s like a little pep talk in a song!

Dealing with Gossip

The lyrics also mention gossip, which is when people say things about you. About what people gossip. She reminds us that our bodies and our lives are ours, and no one should comment on them.

Protecting Her Time and Energy

Ariana sings that she is now protecting her time and energy. It’s like saying she wants to focus on things that make her happy. She also says not to comment on her body, emphasizing that everyone’s business is their own.

The New Album’s Name

This song is not just a one-time thing. It’s the first one from Ariana’s new album, and guess what? That sounds so bright and happy, doesn’t it?

Changes in Ariana’s Life

We learn that Ariana Grande had some changes in her life. She got a divorce, which means she and her husband decided not to be married anymore. Sometimes, grown-ups make these decisions, and it’s okay.

Glinda in “Wicked”

Ariana is not just a singer; she’s also going to be in a movie called “Wicked.” In the movie, she will be a character named Glinda. It’s like she’s going to be a magical princess on the big screen!

Wrapping It Up with Ariana

So, there you have it, little stars! Ariana Grande has given us a cool song, a fun video, and news about a new album. She’s also going to be in a magical movie. Let’s keep listening to her songs and cheering for her adventures!